Friday, May 29, 2009

Foxy Kensington

He calls me "Foxy Kensington." It's not my stripper name, ya know, first name is your first childhood pet and the second name is the street where you grew up. My stripper name is "Peaches Vestabrook," which sounds pretty authentic if you're dancing around a pole. I probably would've been a stripper if I had big breasty dumplings but my "girls" led me down another path - TV producer, mom, Foxy Kensington. That's the name my animal trapper calls me. Yeah, we have a trapper because there's a minx living in our back yard near the swing set. The trapper said my name is on his cell phone speed dial. Ohhhhhh. OK, I'll take it where I can get it in the burbs. Actually, I've always taken it where I can get it. A great prop keeps you charged, lightens your step, improves your swagger and helps ya work that skirt. Back in New York City, I once passed a construction site and a few crew guys yelled out some cat calls. I'm no prude so I went around the block for take two! Love a shout out. The props are sometimes better when they come from your girlfriends. The other day I was walking behind a friend and noticed her legs as she took her son to class after the Moms & Muffins Breakfast. I told her she looked like a teenager in her platform sandals and white ruffled skirt. She called me later to tell me it made her day. We gals need to build each other up when our muffins are workin'. And when you get a somethin'-somethin' from a man on the street, take it in and enjoy it. Go around the block again for a second helping or adopt the nickname. I have! Foxy Kensington. Just sayin'.