Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is the Universe Friendly?

An accident rocked my world last week and whatever I write seems inapt. Here I post a letter of gratitude and a few thoughts...

Dear Mane & Roger,
How fortunate to have brushed up against you. Since last Wednesday when I had the horrendous experience of hitting a pedestrian, my shoulders have been heavy. How quickly life can change. The gentleman who ended up on the hood of my car is physically OK, according to a police update. There's consolation in that matter. And yet I find myself breaking down in tears and searching for answers. It is an awakening to mortality.

There's a line from a Gwendolyn Brooks poem that echoes in my head, "Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies." Life is short and this experience underscores how important it is to live the day like it's the last. Einstein was asked what he thought the most important question was that a human being needed to answer. His reply, "Is the universe friendly or not?" I believe life is definitely on my side as evidenced by your kindness and support at the accident. I'll never forget having Mane's arm around my waist, holding me. And Roger's calm demeanor was grounding.

With never-ending gratitude,

This incident reinforces a way of thinking to live big because we only have one time on this planet. It is the basis for workin' that skirt. It is the reason why I do things like burlesque dancing. Or dressing up in a costume to save the town library. Or hugging people who I barely know. Or being a massive flirt with practically everyone I encounter. Or taking classes to be a better parent. Or being part of the pleasure revolution. Or Or or. My friend Jill, who happens to be a minister, calls it living full out.

It is also a reminder to be present in my life as it unfolds, in the moment, and listen to what is needed. Since the accident, my body craves some feel-good endorphins; I've been running and swimming laps. And, I've also eaten a bunch of brownies.