Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homey Don't Play Dat

When you pay someone to do a job or service for you, don't ya think they should appreciate the hard-earned money you are giving them? My Southern upbringing influenced the notion that if money is exchanged, kindness and a thank you are in order. But there are times when that doesn't happen...

Moving to a new city requires one to re-establish the support system of doctors, dentists, babysitters, "go-to" stores, and beautification experts. One of the luckiest connections was with my hairdresser of three years, but because of a recent incident, I broke up with him. The conflict started last year - after growing my hair for months, I went in for an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy trim. A few weeks after that appointment, I pulled a 360 and went in again with a picture of a shoulder-length January Jones style. My stylist became a scene-king and chopped my hair several inches shorter than the picture! Why couldn't he just re-cut my hair, take my money and send me on my crazy way? As I left the salon feeling ugly, a line from the past popped into my head - "I don't think so! Homey don't play dat!" Bye bye.

With this new found courage, I took a hard look at other providers in our life. We haven't been thrilled with our pediatric office for a while. The doctors are amazing but the front desk rudeness is unnecessary and the gestapo nurses require a bleeding, wheezing child to get in the door. Forget that Gigi had a fever for 3 days of 104! Forget that David Dean had strep 4 times in 3 months and we want another strep culture. Forget about calling after hours if a certain doctor is on call - she'll hang up on you if it is not an emergency. (It happened!) Finally, I said, "I don't think so! Homey don't play dat!"

Our children have never seen "In Living Color" and they don't know Homey D. Clown but they have heard the line over the years. It is especially useful when the kids are fighting. Just last night Gigi recited it but she thinks the phrase is "mommy don't play that," which works just fine for me.


  1. Damn straight! It took me almost 3 years to find a good hairdresser in the OC (and to be fair, I only found her because she moved here from Ga) and Gene and I are about to fire our "Gentle Dental" dentist - we went this week and our gums are still throbbing. It is hard to find 'your people' when you move!

  2. Oh no he di-in't!! What a... what's the word? Ass. The worst thing a hair dresser can do is make you feel ugly. Uh, der, like it's in their job description to beautify. Shame on him.
    As far as the front desk of your doctor's office is concerned, I believe that's just standard operating procedure. You know, like bad cop vs. good cop? I've never with my various docs in all my moves — Chicago to Florida to NY to LA back to NY — have come across a pleasant nurse in the front, back or sideways offices. The doctors are always great, but hide behind the help. I'm just sayin'

  3. Nurse nurse it hurts!