Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mom Fantasies

Nothing like a beach weekend with your college girlfriends to provide a much needed recharge from all the mom duties. This year we wanted to play up the theme HATS AND TATS. I brought a bunch of tattoos and on the drive to FloBama, we stopped at several truck stops looking for trucker hats but there were only baseball caps. We came up with our trucker names. I'm Lou Dean, a derivative of Cyndy Lou and my dad's name. Surprisingly, a grocery store had seven hats to complete the mission, plus everything essential for the weekend - brownie mix, Fluff, and red lipstick (I forgot my tube at home). Lip prints started showing up on random objects and will continue to do so. The purchase of Revlon's LOVE THAT RED inspired a campaign for gratitude through lippy. I'm curious to see how life changes by being BOLD and wearing red every day. Check out my blog posts for daily pics and a whole new round of Workin' That Skirt, Year 2.

The trucker babes took a break from pool lounging (rainy afternoon) and decided to see the movie DATE NIGHT. It captures what it is like be with someone for a long time with work, activities, and kids getting in the way. There is a scene where Tina Fey and Steve Carell are discussing their marriage and Steve tells his wife that is OK to have fantasies. She admits to him that she does and he starts to get a bit excited. He wants to hear about it. She tells him that she imagines being in a luxurious hotel room. (He leans in closely to hear her .) She says she is on the bed all alone. (He starts wiggling in his seat.) She needs a drink and goes to the mini-bar. (He starts to froth a bit.) She pulls out a Diet Sprite and drinks it... all by herself...without anyone asking her to get them anything, take them anywhere, do anything for them. (He is confused.)

In honor of Mother's Day, I wish you all the fantasy-come-true of finding time for yourself. And to my sweet mom, here's a big RED kiss! Wishing you the day of your dreams.

There was a card I found that outlines other mom ultimate fantasies:
  • I sleep past dawn.
  • Housekeeping standards are reduced nation-wide.
  • My hair looks good every day!
  • The kids decide to quit soccer and start their own business.
  • Chocolate becomes a vitamin.
  • Chicken fingers cause weight loss.
  • I can have it all..with a glass of Merlot (for me, Vodka drinkie).
  • I have my own private carpool lane.
  • I get an "A" on my science project.
  • Ketchup is declared a vegetable.


  1. Love girl weekends! Nothing better than to be with great and trusted friends.

    Keep on Workin' That Skirt!!! Loving the posts!

  2. Cyndy, Where've you been? Dark chocolate and Merlot HAVE been declared vitamins. If Obama just gives it the nod, we could get ketchup, too! dw

  3. A little dose of glamabama with the girls will definitely hold you over for a while. Think we kicked it up a notch this year with boot camp and massage -- thanks for being the DJ mix master. Smack that!

  4. Love reading your blog! Happy Mothers Day to you.