Friday, April 1, 2011

Whoopie Love

Whoopie, it's such a great word! It is an interjection - a shout of exuberant joy. It is a verb - to make whoopee is to engage in uproarious merrymaking. And it is a noun - the best chocolate cream dessert on the planet. There's also another meaning. See/listen to the song by Nat King Cole about "Making Whoopie." Weeelllll, here's a song and video about BAKING whoopie, hosted by Gigi. >>>>

Whoopielove is also in my heart for the new Whoopi Goldberg commercials. She portrays lots of historical women such as Mona Lisa, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Lady Godiva, Princess & the Pea who all dealt with a piddle in their panties. The Posie Pads are for the "spritzer" that comes when the pelvic floor has fallen and it can't get up.

If pads are not your thing, here are some other options:

Exercise with the Kegelmaster 2000, that as Terri Hatcher said on The Tonight Show, she has a "very strong kitty cat."

Get educated. Sheri Winston wrote THE BOOK on women's anatomy & sex - it was the 2010 Book of the Year by The American Assoc. of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists.

Surgery for vaginal rejuvenation. Always knew plastic surgery was in my future but...

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