Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A crazy thing happened Saturday night "as I closed my eyes and climbed aboard the Dreamweaver Train." I dreamt that someone stole our Scooby Doo minivan. It was such a clear vision: I was sad that we were violated but happy to replace it with a sporty car. However, "on the bright side of the moon," I missed the automatic sliding doors, the spaciousness, the DVD. It was 4am and I took a peek out of the window to make sure that our minivan was still in the driveway. There were 2 police cars in front of our house, cops in the yard with flashlights and a search dog. Zoinks! They were on a man hunt for four men and at least one of the crooks was in our Mystery Machine van when the police arrived!

These brazen burglars went on a rampage. They broke into a neighbor's property using their garage door opener, hid on my friend's front porch, rummaged through my car and my next door neighbor's car, and fled in a stolen Lexus going 110 miles an hour toward Chevy Chase in a 30mph speed zone. Finally there's justification for those the speed cameras that take my picture regularly.

Oddly, the thieves left our GPS system in the Scooby van but they took my flex flop cosmetic bag. I can't blame them for thinking it is special because it's the best invention for women since lipstick. A friend of mine gave it to me so that I would always have my portable flip flops and be on-the-ready for a pedicure. The police officer said he found it in the my neighbor's back yard. The irony is that bag is bejeweled with the word "RELAX."

Ruh-roh!", I can't relax. Being around a crime scene makes me uneasy. We have a false sense of security in our quaint town of Kensington, especially given the statistics that a house is burglarized every fifteen seconds in America, according the FBI. I went online to get some home protection ideas. Obviously a security system is the best but there were a few intriguing options: door & window squeelers and a safe room. The site No-Nonsense Self-Defence suggested creating a less extreme area than the one in the movie Panic Room with a solid wood door, a cell phone or internet in the room, reinforced door frames, safe bolted to the closet floor, and a Fox Police Lock (see picture at right). The site is hosted by Marc "Animal" MacYoung who has written at least 14 books such as Street Safe and Effective Offense. He even offers a parenting solution to having a safe room: "putting it bluntly teenagers do stupid things now and then. And if they do stupid things with not nice people, them having a safe room is a very good idea. If nothing else it also gives squabbling siblings a means to end the fight." http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/saferoom.htm

Having a dream and awaking to the scene-in-reality is bizarre but "I believe we can reach the morning light." Maybe I have a supernatural gift. A few days ago I pledged to pay more attention to my intuition and wrote about it in a blog entry that I decided not to publish because it seemed too "Sylvia Brown." IF I am on a dreams-come-true roll, I hope to "cross the highways of fantasy" to win the Mega Millions. "In that astral plane", we'll have a safe room in a beach house that we private-jet our friends and families to visit.

* lots of quotes from the song "Dreamweaver" by Gary Wright


  1. I heard about the burglaries on your street from a neighbor of yours and thought about you -- sorry you were one of the victims. Maybe you heard something in your sleep and reality became part of your dream? Just a little big city sizzle in the suburbs...Maybe it's time to get a big dog!

  2. Similar experiences when I walked into Kate's nursery (she was 4 or months old) and saw blue lights bouncing off of all walls from the windows on two sides of her room...too close for comfort. We have to do the best we can and leave the rest to someone else!

  3. OMG! How scary! That is really too close for comfort! I thought I had an interesting experience last night. I was sitting in living room watching the news when I saw "it" out of the corner of my eye going into the opened garage. Holy moly, it was the biggest racoon I have ever seen. I immediately started banging on the window to try to scare it away. "It" turned slowly around to see what all the noise was about and walked casually out of the garage to the backyard. An hour later, my husband came home and I told him about it. He asked if I called the animal control. I asked what for... he said we should report it. Needless to say, animal control was not interested in the "sighting" of "it". My little moment of drama does not compare to yours. How about a drink!

  4. Excitement just seems to follow you! Dreamweaver, huh? Boy those were the days...no worries, no bills, no mouths to feed, no deadlines, no commitments - just fun.

    Nice blog you have going, Cyndysizzle, I will have to remember to check in here every now and then. Stay safe and be wary - there's bad one's lurking all around us! ;-)

  5. I can't believe the flex flops are missing. What are those dudes going to do, get a mani-pedi in jail?!? Now that would make an interesting post. Love you Cyn! Jenny Plenty

  6. Totally off the subject but,
    Is Geritol your anti-aging key?
    Cause girl....you looking good!

    xo! Care Bear