Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pulling An All Righter

Ever had one of those days when you wake up and even though it is not Monday, it feels like it is? A fog would not leave my head and has stuck with me. It’s a holiday hangover, a daze from having too much fun last weekend at our mini Hamptons vacay of riding the waves, shooting darts at Murph’s, eating lobsters, and chillaxin’ with our friends. I’m paying the price and learned a few things on how to survive good time grogginess.

You're crazy to run errands on a day when you're depleted. After a trip to the grocery store, I put Gigi in her car seat and the groceries into the trunk. I rolled the cart a few feet to the buggy station and turned around to find a man peeking into our car, saying to his friend, “Look, there’s a baby in the backseat.” I shouted, “It’s OK, I’m right here.” He proceeded to tell me that I could get a fine for leaving a child in the car and that I could go to court for child neglect. I smiled, said thanks, and went on my way.

Do not shop on a detox day. My eye glasses broke for the third time this year and I went to the frame store. The salesman who helped me replace the frames was there and I relayed that my specs are being held together with super glue. "This is a great opportunity to replace the old ones and go Grand Dame," I said as I tried on some fabulous Chanel eye dudz. He proceeded to say in an exasperated tone, "You are hard on glasses. I told you how to take them off your face with two hands. We have never had this problem. We don’t carry frames that fall apart.” I smiled, said thanks, and went on my way.

Forget about money matters until you have recovered. At the bank I put my name on the customer service list. A manager-type pulled me out of the line to review my account. My goal was to get the bank to dismiss a line of credit overdraft charge on my business account for an 80¢ bounce. In order to get the pay off amount, he told me to go to teller line. I waited with two kids in tow, ten people deep, and was informed by the teller that the tellers can not get pay off information because they do not have internet access. Teller lady said to wait in the customer service line again! Do you feel my pain yet? In the customer service line, I noticed a bank phone and decided to head over and call for my balance. The manager-type approached me and tried to hang up the call! He said he wanted to help me! After I went kookoo for cocoa puffs, I smiled, said NO thanks, and went on my way.

If you have a headache, get a babysitter. Our kids have the good-time-groggies too; they are exhausted, whining, and fighting A LOT. Their behavior indicated quiet time was in order. David Dean disagreed and put up a fight. I asked him why he was angry and he told me that the way I was acting was teaching him how to behave. Oh, my aching head signaled to let this one go for now. Our amazing babysitter Daniella arrived so I smiled, said thanks, and went on my way.

eplenish with something that brings you joy. This is a tool from The School of Womanly Arts taught by my friend Regena Thomashauer. Do something pleasurable every day, especially when the blues are playing their song. Chocolate seemed like it could provide a quick attitude adjustment. Cake Love had lots of options – German Chocolate, Chocolate Butter cream, Red Velvet, Almond Toffee. I chose Cynthia’s Syn, which is a chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate genash, topped with peanut butter cream icing, drizzled with caramel. The baker pulled the cupcake out of the frig and wrapped it while saying they recommend waiting to eat it at room temperature. I smiled, said thanks, and ate it on the way.

The best cure for what ails you is to have some more of it - hair of the dog**. To top off the insanity, our minivan had to be taken to the shop for $2,000 worth of repairs. We are a one car family until it is fixed so I picked Dan up from work. He noticed that it had been a rough one. My spirit was depleted of all the "fun" we had imbibed over the weekend but Dan helped me smile at the craziness of being accused of child neglect and being berated by a salesman. Laughter was the hair of the dog I had been missing all day. Like cures like. I smiled, said thanks, and thought, "tomorrow is on the way."

P.S. Upon returning home, there was a message from the eyeglass man who called to let me know they are replacing my frames again. David Dean said he was sorry.

** Origin and derivation from Wikipedia: HAIR OF THE DOG - The origin of the phrase is literal, and comes from an erroneous method of treatment of a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound. The use of the phrase as a metaphor for a hangover treatment dates back to the time of William Shakespeare. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer writes in the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898): "In Scotland it is a popular belief that a few hairs of the dog that bit you applied to the wound will prevent evil consequences.


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  2. hey metaduna, why don't you quit spamming other people's sites for crying out loud?

    you really had to work that skirt on monday didn't you? of the dawg is the best bet and you're husband sounds really nice too.

  3. oh, CC Booty! Sounds like a shitty day! I think the stars and planets are out of's been a crazy week for everyone I know, myself included. I'm glad social services didn't take the kids!
    Love you!

  4. Me? I probably woulda bitch-slapped the nosy-body, eyeglass guy & bank dude. Hmmm... maybe I should find some kind of stress-relief?
    Glad it all worked itself out CC! Lemme know if you head up to the 'big city' again...

  5. I had one of those nutty days, read your blog, smiled, and now I'm back on my way to Murph's for a little Hot Pants! We miss you guys! xoxo S

  6. Hahaha! Sizzle... I had the same thing happen last year with Jackson in the backseat bc/ my passionate fire cracker of a boy was going nuts screaming bc/ he was not allowed something he sooooooo wanted... I went and dropped blockbuster video in slot and as i got back into car... same same but a woman with two kids looking at me as if i beat my child.
    Oh, and then... lets just add this one my dear sizzlin' cyndy... I was called by the dept of children services & asked abt the black eye my son had and how it happened!!! Oh my goddess... my child who was rolling around on the floor like a kook giggling with me and swung his head into the corner molding and hit the ridge of his brow line...
    two weeks later me, my ex, and K have to talk with DCS bc/ they were called by the someone in his summer school. Lovely really. Hmm could that have anything to do with being a divorced artist with tattoo's in norcross, ga the land if the... are you saved?

    Can I tell you how this blog makes me smile inside so wide and full and ... you just blow sunshine straight thru the streets and homes of the burbs babe!

    Love ya! sg Dana