Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey, Lekker Ding

Isn't it crazy when the world collides, like wearing a very popular nail polish color "Dutch Tulip" and meeting a bunch of people from Holland stuck in New York City because volcanic ash is grounding them?! I was in "the city" for my Womanly Arts conference - imagine 300 women digging for treasure in a massive clothing swap with the likes of Gucci and Tocca. There was also an inspiring talk given by money expert Barbara Stanny. She lost her inheritance from her father, the R in H&R Block, and rebuilt a fortune by following the steps of successful women earning six figures. I'm about to take her class. Here's her website for more info - And, speaking of classes, I took a burlesque class and learned a thing or two about tassles.

After a full weekend of "conferencing," it was time for a tip toe through the tulips with some girlfriends. We went out for dinner/drinks and encountered the Netherlanders as we were heading home to our hotel. They ribbed us about our super white teeth and we teased them about losing the coolest island on the planet (New York City was formerly known as New Amsterdam). They gave us nicknames that resemble bowling leaguers. I was dubbed "Shirley" and later given a more attractive moniker, "Vonda." The Dutch taught us how to say "lekker ding" which supposedly means "good looking" but without accurate translation, wonder if it really means "Shirley." Here's to workin that skirt with girlfriends!

The cutest video from a colleague is below- he produced it with his 6 year old daughter singing an original song, "Hanging With My Girls" She is a pro, especially at the end!

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