Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Run-aways

It's Fashion Week in NYC and the glamazons are catwalking what we'll wear next Spring. The hemline index indicates that "skirts get longer as the financial concerns heighten."* I think this means it's time to pack up those hot pants girls in order to avoid the DON'T list. A few other "what not to wear" items came up recently that are not to be missed!

My parents were here last weekend and my dad revealed that he purchased a men's body shaper to wear under his clothes while he attended his high school reunion. (Not worry, after a little prodding, Dad laughingly gave me permission to tell all.) The man-spanx looks about as big as something my 7 year old would wear. Daddy Dean said, "I had to put Vaseline on my hips to get it on." It's a step in, pull up procedure. He also said he lost 20...
...twenty dollars, that is.

From the get-slim tee site we ventured to another "don't" item. The Snazzy Napper...
Really, do people buy these?!? It reduces street cred to a "0" but the video on their site is hi-larious.

I cringe admitting that I adorned my neck with a duck whistle last weekend. We did a DC Duck Tour and as we passed people on the street, especially intense business people on their cell phones, it was a blast to quack. Take the tour if you come to DC. However, hide the quacker when you get home, and go for a glam slam with a retro look, wearing a maxi skirt in a courageous color.



  1. C-
    Can short girls do maxi's? Won't I look like the sister from the Adams Fam in a maxi skirt? Does the quack really echo at metro center? Do tell!

  2. J,
    Quack echos and it is great but sounds terrible in the house! Maxi's make girls like you and me look taller if we keep the blouse in the same color fam as skirts. However, you'd look good as in Adams Fam costume for Halloween.
    ;) C

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