Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello, Petal!

Years ago I lived in London and became fascinated by everything Anglo - love the way their intonation goes up at the end of a sentence, enjoy their subtle wit, adore the luxury of tea time, and am charmed by their Brillo-pad way of saying English phrases. "Easy peasy. Isn't that lovely-jubbly! Daft as a brush. Brilliant. Mind the gap. In a tick. Right, right, carry on." A dashing British chap nicked-named me "Petal" and I thought he was into me. He invited me to fancy dress parties and took me out for fabulous dinners but I soon realized that "Petal" is a term of endearment. Therefore, my crush became my dear friend, Davy Do Right, and I settled for a long-term love affair with tea.

The origins of Afternoon Tea can be found in the castles and English high society of the mid 1800’s. Anna, The 7th Duchess of Bedford is credited with starting the tradition of Afternoon Tea, in 1840. The Duchess was feeling peckish between meals, with what she described as “a sinking feeling”. She asked her maid to bring her a tray of bread, butter, cakes and tea to tide her over, until “high tea”, the main evening meal. Afternoon Tea soon became a ritual for Anna, and she began to invite friends to Belvoir Castle to join her.

Bringing that tradition here would require a steamroller campaign over 11,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S.** However, hosting a gathering that is not-your-granny's tea party seemed more up my ally. Thai and Toasted Brulee exotic tea leaves were acquired. Check. Finger sandwiches, scones, sweets PLUS fabulous date appies. Check. A playlist with Lady GaGa, and Bonjovi to honor the guest of honor. Check. Champers and vino. Check.

Hi, my name is Cyndy and I'm a tea drinker. Coffee is rarely a part of my day now because the caffeine is not good for my dizzy condition (See entry - Get Your Head Examined from 6/23/09 Guess that makes me a tea totaler. Not really, I still enjoy a vodka. So if life seems to be giving you one thing, whether it is a unfulfilled crush or a desire to have a warm drink in the morning, explore your options. There is probably something better for you on the horizon.

Pip Pip, Cheerio, Petal!

** Starbucks store number is according to Wikipedia

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