Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's In A Name?

While watching the news last night, I was tickled by name of the Chief of Defense for England - Sir Jock Stirrup. Really, his parents named him that?! With our last name, even though we love the name Will, we couldn't go there - Will Bragg! Dan knew a guy in high school named Mike Hunt. Imagine that announced at the restaurant, "Mike Hunt, your table is ready." Tee hee. He also knew a girl named Fern Forest who had a brother named Lief. You know the line from Shakespeare,
"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Some people have names that fit their profession. The urologist who did our son's circumcision is named Dr. Dix Poppas. Then there's Harry the Hairstylist to the stars (Gisele Bundchen to Al Pacino). In my digging around, I ran across veterinarians Dr. Jeffrey Fisch (Clinton Veterinary Center) and Dr. Russell Katz (Pelham Animal Hospital); lawyer Sue Yoo (Sullivan & Cromwell LLP); food blogger Shernell Cooke (; psychiatrist Dr. Edith McNutt. !!!!

Going a step futher, take people's professions and apply them to what car they would drive. Keanu Reeves in a Matrix. The Greek epic poet Homer would have a Honda Odyssey, and a firefighter a Chevy Blazer. An entomologist would crawl through traffic in his Mitsubishi Spyder. A meteorologist would drive a Honda Element, an astronomer would have a Mitsubishi Eclipse and an optician a Ford Focus. Picasso would paint the town in his Nissan Cube, an ornithologist would use a Ford Falcon and his lawyer would drive a Honda Civic. A warden at a correctional facility would drive up in his Ford Escape. In honor of Columbus day, Christopher Columbus might drive a Ford Explorer.

I drive a Quest minivan and since I'm on the reinvention tour, it has served me well over the last few years. However, we are going to get a new car and I want something with a little more sport and sass. I'm looking around and took a Road and Driver car quiz to find out what would work best for our needs. It said a minivan. Ughhh! But the sports car quiz based on how I feel says that I should be driving a Lamborghini. That's the name that would make me proud, but I'm not sure it will work with carseats.

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  1. Jakob's pediatrist is Dr. Footer. !! (No joke, "for real life" as Emma would say.) I always wonder - did he change his name, or did his name make him choose his profession...

  2. cyndy@workinthatskirt.comOctober 10, 2010 at 12:26 AM

    Marcia and David Bragg know a surgeon by the name of Slaughter and their good friend and lawyer's name in SLC is Swindle. And, they also know a urologist named Dribble.