Thursday, November 18, 2010

The P Word

Pat downs! Ooooh you cheeky monkeys, you thought I was going to use the other p word right? And I will but not in this entry, although, being a graduate of the School of Womanly Arts, I encourage you to use it.

Today I'm thinking about those pesky pat downs that hundreds of thousands of people will experience next week as they travel to their Thanksgiving destinations.

I traveled through Dulles, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Miami airports last weekend hoping for a pat down. It was all in the name of research to report back to you. However, my lack of success in obtaining the airport touchy-feely is for all women who read my blog. So share it and pass this one around!

The way to avoid a pat down is to look eager for one! I had my "I'm ready" face on with a big smile for all security types. There were even eyebrow lifts and a conversation about wanting a pat down. Being forward is a guarantee they'll wave your ass through!

If only I could talk with someone at the TSA about those body scans! Homeland Security is really missing the boat by not allowing us to get a copy of our scans, similar to the system at an amusement park when you ride a roller coaster. People could pay for their picture - goodness knows we all look better in silhouette. And we could pose.

Lastly, I leave you with a quip if an airline gestapo goes up your leg to the nether regions. Tell 'em they'll have to pay you should they wish to get any closer to your "p".

Stay tuned for my turkey blog next week about the call in number at Butterball... Feeling very THANKFUL to all my friends reading Workin' That Skirt.

Few sites for travel advice: (how to get through quickly)


  1. Outstanding Cyndy! Have a happy Thanksgiving.