Friday, December 3, 2010

Remember to Remember

Something popped off the TV the other day that I can't shake out of my mind. It was a story about a woman who, while on a safari vacation, wrote a desire in her journal. She noticed that the kids clothes were torn and filthy. She wrote, "I'd like to see if a women's group would like to begin to sew little dresses." The crazy part is that she didn't sew! And now she has a warehouse of volunteers stitching dresses and pants that are sent to 16 countries in Africa and the U.S.

Remember to remember. It is a line from The Secret, a book about the universal law of attraction. Remember to remember the little thoughts you have, the little desires, and signals from the universe. Rachael O'Neil listened and she is helping thousands.

Video from NBC, Making a Difference:

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  1. I just bought a book that made me think of you -- Write it Down, Make it Happen -- haven't read it yet but it is a similar premise
    Love it when the universe is listening!