Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Minutes to Funny

What has been going on? Two months have passed since I last posted...been busy doing an adult swim - wading in the shallow end of comedy, treading the murky waters of joke delivery, and diving onto the stage. Many people say that doing stand-up is one of their biggest fears. For me, it is a rush to get a laugh. The "Five Minutes to Funny" class was taught at the DC Improv by comedian Chris Coccia, who sounds like a cartoon character, and should have his own show. He helped me craft the minivan into a sex machine.

It all started last year at The School of Womanly Arts* new-talent showcase. I told a cautionary tale about how I ended my "practice marriage" after I landed in the infectious and tropical disease center. The laughter was not expected. However, the laughs made me want more. From there, I took a Barbara Stanny** workshop and she asked us to do a "stretch" - something outrageous, something new. So, I did what 99.835% of the population would not do - try stand up. I'm a delusional mom thinking that the suburbs are full of humor, depending on your pov.

Here's a snipet of my "set" in the hopes that you are inspired to do a stretch and try something you never thought you'd do.

If the Odyssey's a rockin...

* Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts
** Barbara Stanny

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