Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reinvention Convention

I joke that I'm on the Madonna Reinvention Tour because I'm looking for my next career move. The bullet bra inspires a transformation. Will I continue being a producer, or become a pastry chef, a teacher, a burlesque dancer? I know women who were born again by following a dream...a dream of starting a mommy-bootie camp business, selling multi-million dollar homes, or owning a spray-on tanning boutique to the stars. Some people just want to transform a little, by losing weight, getting promoted, having a child, traveling. Whatever the passion that is brewing, say YES.

I recently attended The School of Womanly Arts Reinvention Night. My friend, Regena Thomashauer, who has inspired me lots and lots and lots over the years is doing amazing things with conventions full of hundreds of women getting jazzed by re-imagining their lives. There we are in Regena's dressing room, goofing around on the set of the show we created for Rainbow Media. That's not my real hair. Wigs are fun!<<<<<

The best line in NYC about reinvention was that it is like "throwing your saddle on the back of the unknown and taking a ride on a nameless longing." Last year, on the train/bus rides back and forth to NY city, I started writing, which was the impetus for this blog. Recently Cheryl Richardson, the lifestyle makeover coach, who did a series on Oprah, attended a Womanly Arts class and she raves about it. (See picture of Cheryl and link >>>>) The Womanly Arts have helped me over the years get rid of anger and have more love. How can that be wrong?!

If you are curious to see what is it like to walk into one of these Womanly Arts get-togethers, check out the video below (that I shot and edited). And if you're surrounded by people who want to cut their nuts off, join me in the Mastery class where you will be embraced by women who are tapped into their pleasure.

Womanly Arts Reinvention Night

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