Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wanna Play?

People sometimes ask where workin that skirt comes from. It's living large and sizzling up life. Kids inherently know how to do it - they wear costumes, get absorbed in a sport, they lose themselves in an activity. Watching my little people inspires me to get into that zone.

Gigi's play date with her friend Emma gave me a perfect opportunity to work that skirt. I was in my sweat pants cooking grilled cheese sandwiches when the girls started getting fancy in dress-up clothes. They invited me to join in the fun and I said, "YES!" Instead of checking email, putting dishes away, folding laundry, blah blah blah, I got dolled up in a fab number. There were applications of makeup, jewels, heels, and ooo la la sparkle lotion. We turned it into a "little ladies who lunch" party by unraveling the sparkle tablecloth and adorning it with the "plates and tea cups from China" that Nana gave us. We danced to princess music and spun around until we were dizzy. I think I liked it more than the four year olds.

A lot of adults need an excuse to cut loose, such as a birthday party or a special occasion. Something gets lost between the time we are three years old and being a grown up. Inhibitions creep in. Put-downs crop up. But there really isn't any time for it. We have one life to live on this planet. Play big no matter what you are doing even if it means frolicking in a fancy dress on a Tuesday afternoon with two little girls.


  1. Love it! Love you, totally inspiring.

  2. Sweet, Cyndy!
    xoxo, angel

  3. Kudos for writing this. It's full of your positive energy. I like to be reminded to celebrate, too

  4. One of the best parenting skills you can have is knowing how to play. You've got it!!!
    Aunt Roberta

  5. Thanks Auntie Roberta!

    One of my favorite comments came from Margaret on facebook - It's like Fancy Nancy with a twist of lime.