Friday, June 5, 2009

Men At Work

Almost half of the human population leaves the burbs every morning. While at a neighbor’s coffee klatch last week, this topic came up with the gals talking about the men who are left behind in our town - the surfer-dude swimming coach, the Australian landscaper, the hunky waste management guy. We are not desperate housewives; it’s just that a little testosterone goes a long way to even out the air. It makes me grateful for the rare glimpses of a sweaty mower man or a saw-welding contractor.

Not long ago, the doorbell rang and there were two handsome gentlemen at my door. Lo and behold, I thought I had won Publisher’s Clearinghouse. I practiced my “surprise-win face,” just in case the white van with camera crew was there to capture the moment. However, the men were from a tree service company that we commissioned to cut some dead branches from our 100-year-old oaks. The trees are close to the swing-set, near where the fox lives. Goodness, that swing-set is requiring so much attention that we may need a “(play)grounds keeper.”

The tree guys went to the back garden, strapped on harnesses, attached ropes, and hammered clamps. It was a hot, humid day that signifies DC was originally built on swampland. One of the guys was climbing the tree and I noticed he had taken his off his shirt. Influenced by my "proper" upbringing in the South, I thought it would be mannerly to take those boys a beverage. Then I immediately called a friend in the neighborhood, and invited her to join me for a viewing of the strapping lumberjacks at work. When life is giving ya lemons, make lemonade.


  1. hey Sizzle, as an often shirtless backyard worker, I do want to let you know that the periodic application of sunscreen is required. And with my ripped lats, it's pretty difficult to reach my lower back and shoulders. A friendly offer of help in this regard is appreciated. You may consider keeping some 30 sports sunblock handy. Just in case. Thanks for the posts. Your perspective is valuable.

  2. Ahem, I'm pretty sure "Anonymous" above is actually your husband, Dan Bragg.

    Regardless -- I think that (appropriately) shirtless men are just a bonus of suburban living that you probably hadn't considered until now. I mean, the closest you're going to get to that in the city is a hot window washer, right?

    Keep 'em coming! Love the blog. Makes me feel like you are right here.


  3. I love Mr. Ripped Lats!

    The comment above made by "anonymous" was not my hubby. Dan was on a ship all day shooting shark week footage and hasn't even read this entry.

  4. Bless you Ms Cyndysizzle for your polite, welcoming Southern upbringing.

    A cooling beverage on an impertinently hot day is most welcome to those of us toiling in the garden. However, I tend to remove my pants as well as my shirt when laboring hard, so as a question of etiquette, would I be still be supplied with libations under such circumstances?

    The Filthy Workman

  5. Hmmm, Australian landscaper. He must be a pretty cool bloke. I wonder who that could be?

  6. a long ride in an enclosed truck after a 98 degree work day (with those same hunks) and they loose their appeal...immediately.