Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yeah, Mon

We’re on island time. The sun shines, the rain falls. And when it is storming in the Bahamas, you have to find things to entertain the kiddies. Bahama Mama is at the helm of this ship and is sailing solo today while Bahama Papa is off shooting footage to incite fear for shark week. Swimming in the ocean was the obvious activity.

We dive into the Caribbean blue water but after my six year old told my three year old that the seaweed had monsters, her ear-piercing screams caused everyone to make a mad dash. Really, my daughter has a future in horror films if she wants. We did a little sand castle creation but the children wanted the pool. The water was very cold and we ended up in the hot tub for hours. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. My little princess’ lifejacket rope burn was starting to annoy her. Then the rain came with thunder and lightning. Those pesky lifeguards made us exit and I decided an outing was in order. We grabbed the local 10 bus and headed to City Market – mommy needs a cocktail and thought, “why pay $15 for a drink when I can buy a whole bottle?” The kids liked that outing because there are not any seat belts on the bus.

We also took the 10 last night to a local restaurant, The Fish Fry. Well, they should just call it the Fish FLY because we had to shoo away oodles of the nasty pests to get a bite in edgewise. I’m not kidding! Tonight’s fare was much better – we picked up some of the kids’ favorite food at the market and they are back in heaven, with a rainbow on the horizon.

Sooooooo, if you are feelin’ like you wish you were on a luxury vacation (ahem), all you really need to do is eat mac & cheese, fill the tub with warm water, and throw around a beach ball. You can be on island time too. Yeah, mon.


  1. My parents' favorite story is the one where they took us to Disney in 1973 and we thought the parks were fun, but what we REALLY LOVED was the pool at the (then brand new) Contemporary Hotel. That's all we wanted to do. They brought us home, put in a pool, and we never went on vacation again -- seriously.

  2. wish my kiddies would stop growing so fast but I have to admit that one of my happiest days was the one that found John and I both enjoying lounge chairs by the pool while BOTH of my girls swam confidently and played with friends. Cheers!

  3. OOOOOh now I understand why u r coming back!!


  4. I LOVE these! LOL!! Keep em comin!