Monday, June 15, 2009

Wigged Out

There was a man with the biggest dreads piled on his head a mile-high as we were swimming in the pool last week in the Bahamas. I was praying that my three year old would be able to hold back her comments but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She yelled without abandon, “Mom, look at that man’s hairdude.” Great. Later that day we were watching SpongeBob and he was sportin’ a powdered wig, full of dust and mites. He thought everyone loved his locks and that it made them happy he was wearing a wig, even though they teased him. By the end of the episode, he had created a trend and all the characters had a Marie Antoinette coiffure.

I like a wig, probably better than the next person. We have an assortment left over from Halloweens and the wigs I used to have in my office in NYC. It was located in the heart of the fake-hair district and they were really cheap. Sometimes things got stressful at work and the only release was to pull people in my office, pass around the hairdos, play some music and turn on the disco ball for a four o’clock dance break.

It is good to encourage wig wear, especially with the little ones. My son recently went to a birthday party at Medieval Times. That’s the place where men ride on horseback and joust and guests eat turkey legs. He came home saying that he really liked the knight who had long hair in the back with short hair in the front. He wants to grow his hair like that because he thinks that knight was cool. Hmmmmm. Dan and I proceeded to tell him that the mullet is out of style but we have a mullet wig if he wants to make-believe. My daughter wears a long, blond wig sometimes and she seems like a JonBenet wanna-be. That look freaks me out a bit.

The wig begs for a celebration. A friend of mine in Atlanta has friends who throw a wig bash every year and it sounds like a blast. It is a grown up, dress up, drink up kinda party without a theme, other than you have to wear a hairdude. Living in DC, you have to have a political affiliation. I declare mine The Wig Party and am inspired to host a shindig, because like SpongeBob, I think wearing a wig makes people happy. Wanna come?


  1. Anabel and Evie call them "HairWigs". LOL

  2. I'd definately come but would die if Les pulled out the Richard Marx wig to remind him of his high school days. These days, I'm more of a Doodle-Bops kinda wig girl.

  3. There is an "I do" in hairdo. haIrDO. So count me in. I've always wanted to know what I'd look like with dreadlocks. Val

  4. Wigs are fun! I've been known to wear one out on the town and have always wanted one like the B52s gals...My mother called hers a "fall" and would wear it to cocktail parties back in the day...
    Better not let the trapper see you as a blonde, Cyndy!

  5. Ahhh, afternoon parties in your office...good times!!!

  6. hillarypowlish.....July 14, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    Do you get old posts too? I'm only just reading your blog... but, being that I too, am a wiggie, I love it! Cyndy - being blonde, I simply love a great, black bob wig.. it makes my eyes pop!!! Wish I could do a wig dance wit' ya girl... come out to S.D. and we'll all wear hairdudes to Legoland!! Dare ya!